Game Show Spring Invitational
LGR won Spring Invitational
On Wednesday, September 22, the Grand Final of CS:GO Spring Invitaional was played. The two pretenders for the title were LGR and Mortal Kombat.Not long ago MK would be the favorites of this match-...
22 September, 04:07
LGR are through to Spring Invitational Grand Final
On Tuesday, September 13, upper bracket final of CS:GO Spring Invitational was played. In this match ANOX and LGR were struggling for the Grand Final slot. One day before Russian team qualified to ...
13 September, 22:02
MK become the first participant of Spring Invitational Grand Final
In upper bracket final of Spring Invitational MK and ANOX were struggling for the slot in Grand Final. Bulgarian team was on fire in the last few weeks. They won the LAN-final of ESEA Season 22 and...
7 September, 20:43
LGR are through to the Spring Invitational lower bracket final
On the first day of September in the lower bracket semifinal of CS:GO Spring Invitational were struggling LowLandLions and LGR.Despite of being favorites of this matchup LGR made their fans to worr...
2 September, 00:31
MK are victorious in play-off match versus LGR
In the second semifinal match of Spring Invitational upper bracket MK (ex-Orbit) were facing LGR (ex-RCTIC). At the group stage the meeting of those teams ended with decisive victory of Bulgarian t...
3 August, 22:26
ANOX are victorious in the match versus LowLandLions
In the first match of Game Show Spring Invitational LowLandLions were struggling versus ANOX. European mix finished the group stage on the first place and ANOX were the winners of tie breakers. Des...
28 July, 22:43
Spring Invitational: Play-off starts on Thursday
Despite of all delays CS:GO Game Show Spring Invitational is near its homestretch. 4 best teams following the results of the group stage are going to struggle for the 5000 dollar prize pool in doub...
27 July, 21:16